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February 07 2016 05:41:06  
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A Very Peaceful Russian Revolt
The calls by the moderate left for passively following behind the liberals are supposedly based on the need to work among the people, to go where the masses are. But how, and with whom, are the forces of the left to set out after these ardently pursued masses? With badly-printed leaflets full of abstract slogans?
Reflections on the Arab Revolutions
The Arab revolutions of 2011 came as a surprise to many people, including left analysts, who expected and predicted social and political shocks everywhere, from Latin America to Eastern Europe, except in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East. These events, however, were not historical accidents (in history, nothing on this scale happens by chance), but were the logical and natural results of earlier developments. The effect of surprise was due to the fact that the societies of the Middle East had been kept under heavy pressure by authoritarian regimes that did not allow any serious mass protests; in outside observers, this created an impression of graveyard-like tranquility.
Economic policies after the death of neoliberalism
The international economic system that took shape after the collapse of the Soviet Union is not dead yet, but it is dying. We see that daily, not only in reports on the crisis but also in other news from around the world that tells the same story: the system isnt working.
Beyond `feminine and `masculine
Rabkor.ru published this reply by Anna Ochkina to a polemical article, Masculine and Feminine, by Dmitry Zhvaniya. Anna Ochkina is deputy director of Institute for Globalisation Studies and Social Movements (IGSO) and deputy editor of Levaya politika (Left Politics) journal. She is a sociologist based in Penza, where she teaches at the university. Dmitry Zhvaniya is a journalist, based in St. Petersburg and a founding member of Dvizheniye soprotivleniya imeni Petra Alekseyeva (the Piotr Alekseyev Resistance Movement). Zhvaniya's article "Muzhskoe i zhenskoe" ("Masculine and Feminine") is available (in Russian) at http://www.rabkor.ru/debate/3933.html.
Modernization in the kitchen
Romanian philosopher Vasile Ernu talks to the author of "Catering" Irina Glushchenko.
Published in Russian in Levaja Politika 13, 2010
Indefensible individualism
About the defenselessness of fragmented Russians in the face of cohesive Caucasians much has already been said. Possibly a bit less than was said on the occasion of aggression by Russian nationalists. For them, enemies are often not only immigrants with the "wrong" habits and traits, but also a "fellow" with "traitorous racial ideals" What troubles the average person, faced with the aggression of some nationalists? Is it the frightening fragmentation of Russian individuals? And what is the problem here for society and the state?
Expensive oil helps food speculation
The increase of prices is the result of anti-crisis policy, along with a further worsening of the income situation of the population. Specialists from the Economic Research Center at the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSO) have come to this conclusion. In Russia, the increase in prices for food contribute to high worldwide oil prices, providing the material basis for the development of speculation. Profit from commodity monopolies does not follow economic development, but the maintenance of the ruination of the national food speculation market.
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